To convert Agriculture into agribusiness.Lifetime counseling for farmers to become innovative agripreneur.

maximum profit with low input cost.

accurate soil testing

Individual farmers Data & History are maintained through software for instant online solution / tele counseling / postal / webcam.

  • one stop solution for all problems
  • Setting up and operation of waste management equipments and plans with Orgaver / Wastepro Machine, Biogas plant, Incinerators, Shredder etc
  • minimize total cost of cultivation.

providing service support to farmers.

Activates the soil biologically, physically and chemically

Promote direct and hire purchase sale of pump sets for irrigation and drinking water schemes etc.

  • additional infrastructure
  • Improvement maintenance facilities
  • Purification Plant.

latest news / information

help to produce quality organic product to meet the global export standards.

Procurement and supply of agricultural machinery and equipment such as Tractors, Tillers, and Pump sets etc.

  • complete support for the process of organic certification.
  • maximum profit
  • one stop solution for all quires.


To provide for general improvement in the markets for their respective areas

Design, fabrication and supply of mist chambers, green houses, poly houses etc.

  • To provide for better marketing of agricultural product
  • To provide new & improved agricultural inputs
  • Agricultural development

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